Welcome to Strapworks.com's informational web site! Here is one more reason we are the leader in custom designed webbing and straps.  We have no order minimums, so we are pleased to fill small and large orders.

        Patterned Polyester Polyester Webbing is the strongest webbing that Strapworks carries.  With a breaking strength between 3,500 lbs. and 10,000 lbs., depending on width, this webbing is ideal for heavy loads, but can be used for any type of straps, tie downs, collars, leashes and belts as well.  It has low stretch, the same feel as nylon, is smooth and shiny, yet has 5x the abrasion resistance of polypropylene webbing!  Polyester webbing does not absorb water and is rot and mildew resistant.  We also carry polyester seat belt webbing in different widths too.  
Sublimated Polyester Webbing is our newest in-house creation.  Sublimation is a process which uses heat to vaporize a solid dye material and inject it into the webbing. It allows for great detail and vivid custom colorfast colors. This webbing can be used for straps, tie downs, belts, collars, leashes, or just about anything you can imagine!  We also now offer sublimated tubular polyester webbing.  For more information on how to get your own pattern or logo imprinted, please contact our custom department or e mail custom@strapworks.com                     Polyester and Patterned Polyester Webbing

Alternate Products:  Flat nylon has a breaking strength between 2,775 lbs., and 5,500 lbs., Polypropylene has a breaking strength between 375 lbs., and 1,800 lbs., depending on the type, size, and manufacturer.

Common Restrictions:  Our sublimated webbing is only available in polyester due to the high heat used in the sublimation process.